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Great Advice that Brings Results!

Hyman and Associates, LLC (H&A) is a Business Advisory Group, mentoring assisting and advising small to mid-sized firms on business matters.

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or key executive, you clearly understand the details of your product or service - but unfortunately running a business requires more than strong technical skills. You need to worry about bank loans, accounts receivable, sales and marketing, staffing, accounting systems, government regulations and a myriad of business issues that you never envisioned when you started out in business, or if you did envision them, you don't enjoy doing them.

Or you have developed a successful and growing business.  You find that you can no longer do everything yourself and that you need to put management processes in place to control your sales and marketing, your business planning and operations, your accounting and finances, your human resources and finally to monitor and optimize these processes.

Or you have a business problem that you cannot solve yourself no matter how hard you try.

Hyman and Associates was formed to help Owners and Managers of small to mid-sized businesses solve these questions. We work with you to identify the real issues and to help you implement the solutions.


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